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What Can You Expect From an Online MSN to DNP Program?

Earning your DNP degree can help you qualify for top jobs in the nursing field…but it can be challenging to complete a doctorate degree, especially if you’re already working in the field or have family responsibilities. Luckily, online MSN to DNP programs are available for nurses who want to get a better education, but need more flexibility in order to make it possible. What can you expect from an online MSN to DNP program? Here’s what you need to know as a potential student:

Work Load

Although an online MSN to DNP program will be more flexible for you, don’t be fooled into believing that this program won’t be a lot of work. You can complete your coursework on your own schedule, but you should still be prepared to set aside twenty to forty hours per week to work onĀ  your degree, based on whether you are a full time or part time student. If this kind of workload seems like too much for you to handle, consider starting by just taking a single class online and completing your degree more slowly, though keep in mind that most schools require you to complete all of the necessarily classes within a certain number of years.

Offline Work

In order to get licensed in your state as an advanced practice nurse, you need to not only complete an MSN to DNP program, but also complete fieldwork. This can’t be done online, since you have to work with real-life patients under the supervision of nurses already working in the field, much like you did to become an RN in the first case. Some online schools help you find placement, while others simply provide the classroom education and you’re on your own to find fieldwork placement.


One of the best parts of online MSN to DNP programs is that you’ll pay less for your education, on average. Since online schools don’t have all the costs associated with buildings and grounds, their tuition costs are lower as well. Keep in mind, however, that because the cost is lower, you don’t get all the amenities that you would at a typical school, like research facilities and on-campus housing.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree Programs

Kaplan University
Kaplan University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program is designed for nurses that possess their master's in nursing. Courses explore the ethical responsibilities of nurse leaders. Graduates work as researchers, administrators, educators, clinicians, and authors. This program is known for its passionate professors and dedicated students.
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